September 3, 2015 Genuine Souls: The Art of Selflessness – David Dyer

Every day that we live is a new day to see things as we may have not seen them before. This is a blessed opportunity to realize that everything that we desire to change in our lives, does change. Many of us fail to realize these changes and miss out on the blessings. As a result, we succumb to the feelings of despair and belief that there is no way out of our current situation.

This process of thought only leads to a mantra of complaining. As our perceptions of our undesirable circumstances start to take over our lives, we end up missing the boat of change. When we change our process of thought from counting the troubles to realizing our blessings, we realize all is possible.

These blogs profile specific individuals who have been a great force in helping me realize the blessings in my life. As we lose track of all our blessings, we cannot forget to acknowledge the ones who have played a part in providing great opportunity for us. This is the Genuine Souls series. This month’s spotlight is on David Dyer.

dyerImagine attending an event where its full house. The details of the event was communicated all over the internet, through various social media platforms. As you arrive to the event you notice all the seats have been placed in fine order and everything and everyone is in their place. As the presenter takes stage, the music in the background amplifies the experience to make you feel as if all the anticipation was well-worth it. The speaker’s voice echoes clearly through the distant corners of the room. You have a great sense of quality and worth toward the event.

“Well duhh! I’m spending the money, it better be a good show!”

So often we fail to realize the people in the background that make the show possible. Without their hand, the show couldn’t have ran as smoothly or effectively. David Dyer is someone who deserves recognition for his contributions. The people in the shadows sometimes play the biggest roles.

“Lead from the back and let others believe they are in the front. “ – Nelson Mandela

dan lok
Business mogul Dan Lok of Vancouver Entrepreneur Group.
David does the sound and audio engineering for local events. His talents extend beyond the time of lights, camera and action. David starts his work weeks in advance as he markets all events through various social media networks. He runs a company called Social Vision, where he provides social media presence for people and businesses. One of his more popular clients is business mogul, Dan Lok. David is the social media director behind all Dan Lok’s Vancouver Entrepreneur Group online promotions.

His success is based on your success.

The best word to describe David is selfless. He will always put you in front of his own self. He understands that placing someone else ahead of him does not take away from the opportunities that await him. Persistence coupled with patience is key. He is currently writing his first book on this topic called, “The Persistence Factor.” It is a guidebook that helps one realize their dreams through persistence.

“Ambition is the path to success, persistence is the vehicle you arrive in.” – William Eardley IV

Never too busy for a picture and a smile.
David’s success is a result of his meticulous work ethic. You may see sweat rolling down his brow. You may see the intense focus on his face. No matter what, when he sees you, he will always come up to you and smile and then pose for a picture with you. David is a rare individual who doesn’t wait to be asked for his help. He has asked me to tag him in my social media posts just so he could send out my links to his networks.

If it’s important to you, you will find a way. If not, you’ll find an excuse.

One of the epic stories I recall about his work ethic is the time when a presenter told him 10 minutes before stage time that he needed new batteries for his PowerPoint clicker. David wasted no time and ran two blocks in his suit to get batteries from a local store. This is one example among many where David demonstrates his level of service toward others.

David is like a marathon runner in a suit!

When reflecting on all the great people that have become gems of my life, it was an easy decision to nominate David Dyer to be profiled in the Genuine Soul series. Someone who embodies such selfless traits as much as this man cannot go unnoticed. His business is a great reflection of his personality, where he is dedicated to promoting others through his expertise in social media marketing. When we feel like the doors of opportunities are closing on us, it is a blessing to have David in our corner to help be the wedge in the door to keep it open.

If you are looking to stepping up your social media game, personally or professionally, check out David Dyer’s Social Vision.


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