The Yoga Dojo

The Yoga Dojo is the space where practitioners learn the unique styles and theory of Yoga Do™, Kali Do Yoga™, Bliss Camp Fitness and Warrior Do™ created and founded by Paul Nijar. Our goal is to provide the necessary tools required to awaken an exciting array of emotions within our practitioners that bring them to fulfill their journey towards mastering fitness, health, and spiritual alignment. The classes offer an opportunity to find balance within oneself in all aspects of their life in a safe and high energy environment.

What does “discover your warrior within” mean? The theory of a warrior is one who goes into battle without fear; they embrace all challenges without losing sight of their own innate abilities to succeed. Warriors are not made, in truth a warrior is a spirit that already exists within you. The Yoga Dojo is dedicated to awakening the warrior within, so fear is not seen as an obstacle, but rather as an invitation to act in the service of all your dreams!


“My style? I guess you can call it the art of fighting without fighting.” –Bruce Lee