May 8, 2016 Happy Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is something that has been a long tradition amongst different people worldwide. For many years people have given tribute to their mothers through different methods. Most commonly, people have offered flowers or a Sunday breakfast served to her while she still lays in bed. These are such beautiful reflections for someone who has lived their lives through unconditional love and relentless devotions to their children. But as the day comes and goes, many of us once again become so wrapped up in our mundane obligations, only to reserve such acts of admirations again for the following year or their birthday. The attention and connection tends to become diluted among other things we give priority towards. After such a great devotion and sacrifice our mothers haves showered us with, one must contemplate that perhaps this single day of tribute doesn’t give them the credit or attention they deserve.

While we become so vested into the things we find so important in our lives, we must have a shift of awareness towards our mothers in order to prevent us from placing her behind all our mundane obligations. By having this change of understanding we will be able to make ourselves more available mentally and spiritually towards this pillar of our lives. This shift is necessary because as Albert Einstein said, “You cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it. You must learn to see the world anew.” So to simply tell people to reflect on their mothers isn’t enough, because they will for a moment reflect on them until they become distracted by their lives once again. This is an ongoing pattern that many people follow. So one may ask, “What shift is necessary to create this change in our awareness? What needs to be changed?”

This change comes from shifting our understanding of mother’s day as a day we give her attention, to realizing this person is a part of who we are beyond we have ever considered. Aside from remembering that we carry the same DNA as our mothers, we must become aware that we are more spiritually and energetically connected to them. The spiritual connection we hold with them denies any separation we may consider through our understanding of us being separate individuals. Realizing that there is no separating between any of us is a hard concept to grasp because we have been conditioned to believe otherwise our entire lives. We live our lives so hurried, so pre-occupied by how things affect us, as we continue to do this we carry a bit of selfishness.  Every consideration we make is based on how it will affect us as an individual. We are failing to realize that we are all part of the same energy.

Through this selfish awareness of our reality, we often negate our spiritual truth. So often we stay within our 5 senses of understanding that we limit ourselves so much. The 5 senses only limit us to the understanding of our body and physical reality. Becoming attuned to our spiritual truth will help us maintain a connection with our mothers beyond the one day in May. By becoming spiritually attuned with them, we are no longer limited to our physical location; we will be able to travel outside the physical flesh (soul travel) beyond all distances. By realizing the spiritual connection we will void ourselves of any selfish tendencies. Through this shift of awareness we, will see we are so much more spiritual and energetically connected with our mothers than physical.

The truth is that the mother we see and associate with so often is more than the mother we know. This individual is an eternal soul that has traveled through multiple lifetimes. Many of these lifetimes may have been shared with your soul’s journey as well. The souls will contract to live through these multiple lives together in order to help us facilitate our spiritual evolution. In previous lives we may have had a role reversal, where we played mother and they were the child. The different role plays we have experienced through our soul’s journey together is infinite. By acknowledging our mothers’ spirit when we give them tribute, we are also going in depth and expressing a divine unconditional love we have towards her as we consider the lineage of lives we have experienced together.

By making this shift of awareness to not just our mother in physical form, but in spiritual as well, we will not only express a finer love, but we can connect with them energetically year round. Because the soul is unbound and limitless, aside from being a phone call away, we are a single energetic envision away. The moment we sit and reflect energetically with our mothers or anyone else, living or non-living, we can capture their true spiritual essence and send them love.

Sending your mother love by visualizing them before you will enhance the connection you have with them. As this connection develops, the relationship will be felt beyond time, distance and beyond physical form. This spiritual connection is not reserved for special occasions and is far more valuable than the regular boxes of chocolate and bouquet of flowers. When you present your mothers with these gifts, don’t forget to give tribute to her spirit as well. By considering this spiritual connection through this shift of awareness, we will also shift our mind state from being selfish, to seeing that we are all one.

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