Kali Do Yoga™

Kali Do Yoga™ is a perfect harmony between the principles of Hatha Yoga’s foundational flow, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), meditation and Kali martial art stick fighting techniques used as a therapeutic tool.


The focus is on a healing approach through a soft flow of movements that bring a sense of ease to the mind, body and spirit. With continuous practice practitioners will benefit from relief of pain in the back side of the body, increase mobility in their shoulders and hips, strengthen forearms and enhance wrist dexterity.


The Kali stick will be used as a therapeutic tool by hitting various acupuncture points and meridians, and with the combination of various Tui Na (Traditional Chinese massage/manipulative therapy) techniques, practitioners will be able to harness and redirect Qi (vital energy) to areas of the body in need. Practitioners will be left feeling invigorated, energetically balanced and at peace with themselves!


Kali Do Yoga™ classes are offered to accommodate any fitness level and health goals regardless of body type, flexibility and temperament.