September 3, 2015 Silence Speaks When Words Can’t



Agghh! What is it with this noise!?  All I hear is jack-hammering all around me!  How does one expect to find peace in their meditation practice with all this commotion?!

This is a common complaint I hear as people try to implement the meditation practice into their lives.  When we seek peace, we expect silence to come with it.  As the world has become so busy and full of activity, it becomes difficult to find that silence we desire in our meditation practice.

Retreating into the deep forests to be amongst nature and all its inhabitants is often the only alternative we think we have.  This, however is not very practical because there are many tiny bugs and mosquitos that are awaiting to suck your blood and eat away at your flesh!

“So I can’t find silence in the suburban jungle and I can’t find peace in the forest.  How does one expect to meditate?!”

The answer to this very question is to change one’s understanding of what they are hearing.  Our mind is working full-time, around the clock.  The mind is constantly analyzing, labeling and defining every moment and every sound we encounter.  The only way to shut it up, is to work with it.  This is kinda like negotiating with a toddler, proposing that if they eat all their food, they will get candy.

Change the understanding of noise to be a distraction and nuisance.  All noise is sound.  Sound is a vibration.  Everything that exists in this World is made up of a vibration of energy.  It takes energy to hold and propel things.

Can you feel it now?  The untapped power that is there for you to utilize, awaits!  Not yet?  Hold up! Keep reading…

As all things are made up of energy, including us, that means that we can use this energy at our disposal.  Energy penetrates all things, no matter what form or density.  So being able to understand this, we can start to pull on this energy so we can feel vitality.

The sounds that we feel so distracted by in our meditation practice, no longer is a nuisance, with this understanding.  I used to have a prejudice towards the sounds I heard.  I couldn’t stand the hustle and bustle of people talking, walking or driving around me while I was meditating in a park.  I would try to focus solely on the sounds of nature.  Hearing the birds chirp or the wind caressing the leaves in the trees brought me to an overwhelming state of peace and calmness.  Once I came out of my mind to stop defining, labeling and identifying each noise, I started to realize that everything is energy.  Energy is a good thing!

Absorbing each sound as an energy vibration that we are all made up of, made me find peace in any noisy intersection.  So if you see, me walking through the crowd downtown with a goofy look on my face, just know I’m feeling peace and serenity.  Taking this understanding with you in your meditation will surely allow you to find the peace you have so lost, no matter where you are.

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