October 8, 2015 The Secret to Living Peacefully



“All these spiritual insights are great, but where does it apply to my everyday life?”

Everything that is talked about, read about or meditated on is applicable to our everyday lives.  This is something that many people fail to understand or fail to incorporate into their days.


Use it or lose it!  If you’re not gonna use it, then the lesson has been lost.

With this belief they are not able to connect the lessons they learn from their relationships, other than the relationships they have with themselves.  The spiritual insights learned isn’t reserved for finding peace and happiness within oneself.  We can apply these lessons towards all our relationships.


“Answer me this!  How is sitting in silent meditation gonna save my marriage?!”

When you meditate throughout your day, not only are you getting to know who you are but, you can reflect on your partner as well.  Receiving each instance without struggle or control and to simply witness the moment unfold is the essence of meditation.  This will help you better relate and connect with your partner.


“My girlfriend is crazy!  I don’t understand what she’s on about all the time!”

So often we are blocked by our own judgments and thoughts that we are unable to grasp the messages our partners are trying to communicate.  Leveling out our emotions through the lessons of meditation will make the line of communication that much more clear.


Just because men are from Mars and women are from Venus, doesn’t mean it has to be a long distance relationship.

With the consideration of how we are all energetically connected through the single source of energy from the Universe, we see how this person is an extension of ourselves.  In realizing this, we may take the relationship as a meditative journey that is shared.  This will allow us to approach our partners with compassion as we see ourselves in them.


“But I made so many mistakes in the relationship…how am I supposed to move forth?!”

Every moment is an awakening opportunity for us to have a new understanding of our spiritual truths.  Meditate on each moment as if experiencing something for the first time.  Apply the lesson of “Yesterday is history, Tomorrow a mystery, Today is a gift, That’s why it is called the Present.” 


Whether the relationship is new or old, we must let the past go and proceed without baggage.  Carrying the same baggage from previous relationships into a new one doesn’t make sense. Why not just stay in the previous one then?!


Is your cup half empty, or half full?

One must accept that they must let go of their attachments of their known selves and come into this partnership as an empty cup.  The cup itself carries the strength and foundation from the past, but the content represents the individual who is meant to be liquid-like; being able to take on the shape of whatever container it is held in.


Carrying the “no mind” state from meditation, in all circumstances of our lives provides forgiveness.

Emptying the mind so that we may receive all encounters without judgment or expectations.  This brings us much ease in our lives because we are moving forth with the mind set of learning and expanding, not just teaching.

Applying the spiritual insights of being able to transcend our past and to live in this moment without expectations are lessons that apply to our everyday lives.  As the meditation practice starts to thrive, the spiritual awakening that ensues will too, become stronger further enhancing all relationship, new or old.


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