April 28, 2016 The Universe Has Better Plans For You

We all have visions for a bright future. As we think of all the different things and experiences we want in our life we develop an attachment to those images. But life has showed us over and over again, that things don’t always pan out in the manner we had planned. This is ok, because the bad has its own way of ironing itself out

“I need an industrial-sized iron to iron out the kinks I’ve had in my life!”

We often attach ourselves to the things we have become so familiar with. We take ownership of such things, thinking that it becomes a part of who we are. Typically, we are able to have some amount of control over the things that are part of us and our identity. The visions that the mind presents to us, is something that at times is beyond our control.

“You don’t own me…I don’t see a ring on my finger!”

The mind is like a wild bull that keeps bucking you off its back. It’s like a beast that cannot be tamed. It’s like a girl that can’t resist a sale. The things we cannot control, do not belong to us. They have their own way, their own plans, and their own mission. The mind is among those things.

Don’t worry if you lose your mind; it was never yours to lose.

The ego will make us feel entitled to take ownership of things, people and even those images that display in our mind’s eye. As odd as this may sound, consider an image that really compelled you to stop in your tracks. This is an image that was beyond your thoughts or considerations. You may have been stricken with grief, anger or boredom, but out of nowhere an image that ignites a celestial inspiration appears and redefines your mental perspective.

“I had this crazy image that was so surreal that I couldn’t tell if I was daydreaming it, or if I was a witness to it happening before my eyes!”

It is times like this that are above and beyond our own mind. These times are moments that demonstrate that not all things belong to us. Images like such occur more often than none, and yet most people fail to realize these divine interventions. The moment we allow ourselves to step to the side and become a witness to such visions, we realize that when our mind steps out of the way, we experience visions beyond our own imagination.

“You are confined by the boundaries that you set yourself. The mind creates the cage. Set yourself free and move out your comfort zone.” – Mhar

As things don’t pan out in our favor, it couldn’t be more of a blessing. The blessing shows us that no matter what, we are in divine hands; that everything will be okay. Too often we think that we have to be in control and that we are on our own, but in truth when we surrender, we find more than we could’ve ever built for ourselves.

“The strongest position you can be in is complete surrender.”

When these majestic images take place in our mind’s eye, we often negate them thinking that we thought them up. The problem with this is that it devalues the wealth they bring to our lives. Too often we go about our lives thinking we are no more than another cog in the wheel. In truth, we play a significant role within the existence of the entire universe.

“Through our eyes the universe is perceiving itself. Through our ears the universe is listening to its harmonies. We are the witnesses through which the universe becomes conscious of its glory of its magnificence.” – Alan Watts

When we attach ourselves to certain circumstances we face in our lives, we must understand that, regardless of how bad things may be, we are in divine alignment with the entire universe. Allow yourself to accept that we don’t have ownership and control of many things in our lives, whether it be circumstances, people, or even our own minds. Never negate the blessings that present themselves when we surrender and witness how the universe shows us that we are in its caring hands.

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