July 14, 2016 Why Your Orgasms Are Ruining Your Relationships!

How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Pop?

This is an old slogan used in the Tootsie Roll Pop commercials.  There’d be someone trying to resist the urge to bite down on the candy to taste the Tootsie Roll in the center.  It’s funny because this is the same thinking guys have during sex.

Nobody wants a one minute man! 

As much as guys resist to bust too early, in the back of their mind, it’s something they look forward to.  The ending is so theatrical!  It’s like the icing on the cake.  It’s like getting a gold star on your homework assignment.  It’s like a pat on the back for a job well done!  The job must last for longer than a minute, of course!

“It’s not about how big it is; it’s about how fast you can get the job done!”

Intimate encounters have become a race to the finish.  Even though no one says this, it essentially is the intention guys carry while having sex.  The whole experience is ruined the by male’s obsession on ejaculating.  Even when it comes to watching pornography, if it’s only a couple of minutes you have time for, most guys forward to the end for the “money shot.”

Sex is a race to the finish for guys.

And for the guys who suffer from premature ejaculation issues, the race is more like a five-meter dash.  When they aren’t thinking about ejaculating, they are trying to think of anything outside of sex itself in order to last longer.  The beauty of the entire moment gets lost amongst these distracting thoughts.  If you can’t be present in the course of making love, then where else would you rather be?  There’s no wonder why people feel either used afterwards or like it was all a mistake.

“I’m so good, I scream out my own name during sex!”

When we climax at the end of sex, it’s almost like we feel we’ve earned a victory speech.  With the amount of energy consumed by the climax, a retirement speech may be more appropriate.  The male’s climax uses the same amount of energy as running a 100 km race.  Different religious groups will abstain from sex all together in order to conserve their energy.  When we make love, we are amplifying our energy fields.  Two energies are merging into one.  This is the union of both male and female energies.  The male’s climax is what dumps it all out.

All that work for nothing!

The energy that is cultivated in the course of making love is meant to harmonize and rebalance our energy.  We take on the liquid state at this time, where there’s no separation between the couple.  An energetic exchange takes place here.  All this is lost when a guy “busts a nut.”  It’s like we are throwing away everything we have just worked for.

“So what are you suggesting, that I don’t “bust?!”

Yes! The solution for energy conservation is to not waste your efforts.  Consider how women can grow a child inside her body.  A life growing inside of another person!  Men too can have this divine beauty by maintaining the cultivated energy of his and her efforts within himself.

“What about blue balls!? Wet dreams, and having a healthy prostate?!”

These arguments stem from those who channel all their focus to their genitals during sex.  When there’s no release for this, then an energetic stagnation occurs which leads to those issues.  We aren’t meant to just focus on our “pee pee” at this time.  We are meant to channel the accumulated energy throughout the whole body.  Women do this naturally, that’s why they have a full body orgasm!

Raise your whole energy!  Not just your penis!

When the focus is on the genitals, the male can only have 1 orgasm.  By withholding the ejaculation, multiple orgasms can occur within the body.  As there’s no loss of energy, it’ll expand and radiate around the whole body.  This will give the male a luminescent glow, enhanced sense of well-being, and a dedicated love toward their partner.

Don’t break the seal!

Making love is a divine opportunity for us to awaken spiritually, to re-align our energies and to maintain a lasting love.  When we focus on ejaculating, or “finishing,” we are ending something we had just worked hard on…get it?! “hard on!”  Keep the energy within you in order to maintain the love and connection with your partner.  When you “finish,” it’s like you are finishing the relationship too.  Perhaps this is why the divorce rates are so high and dating sites are big business!

“How many licks does it take…the world may never know.”

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