Yoga Do™

Yoga Do™ is an electrifying fusion of Hatha Yoga’s foundational flow, traditional martial arts and spirituality. This is our foundation class where everyone starts. Through a personal training approach, practitioners will learn about proper muscle activation to prevent injury and to facilitate ideal posture for everyday living. 


Classes are offered in two intensity levels:



An introduction to Yoga Do™, including learning the foundational flow of Hatha Yoga and basic martial art movements. Practitioners will develop an understanding of the importance of muscle activation through muscle awareness, leaving the Dojo with a feeling of peace, accomplishment and body awareness.


Classes are offered to accommodate any fitness level and health goals regardless of body type, flexibility and temperament. The focus will be on what practitioners can do, rather than what they can’t.



Provides more dynamic movements to the introductory Yoga Do™ routine, where practitioners can expect to experience a cultivated balanced routine between fitness to increase cardiovascular endurance, strength training to challenge their physical ability and full range motion increasing flexibility.


A gentle warm-up will prepare practitioners for the High Intensity Plyometric (HIP) portion of the class which applies martial arts practices followed by the essential benefits of yoga, including a stretch and concluding with deep relaxation exercises.

If you are looking for a gratifying challenge, this the class for you!